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András was born in southeast Hungary [1990]. He is a freelance documentary photographer currently based in Budapest. He graduated in Marketing at Budapest Business University. After he studied Photojournalism at the Academy of National Association of Hungarian Journalists.

His curiosity, travels and openness laid the foundation for his world of photography. He seeks to get personally involved in his subjects. He focuses on human identity, social and environmental topics, and strongly believes in interpreting his own human experience through photography. András is a self–made artist whose approach combines journalistic and conceptual practices. He works for various commercial and editorial assignments.

2019 is a milestone in his career, he awarded first prize in the Hungarian Press Photo Competition with his series photographed in Armenia and has been selected for several masterclasses in recent years. As a result, he has become even more immersed in documentary thinking, which underpins the atmosphere of his film-photographed stories.

He has also won prestigious national and international scholarships for his ongoing work on climate change in India, in which he examines the environmental problems of the Brahmaputra River. He is currently working on the continuation of this story, and just started photographing the same narrative about human—nature relationship in his homeland. He is the second time recipient of József Pécsi Photography Grant and talent of FUTURES platform.

He is the official photographer of Studio NUR, a graphic design studio based in Budapest.


Society, Le Monde, M Mag, Libération, Courrier International, El País, D Lui Repubblica, Coda Story, De Volkskrant and various Hungarian magazines

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