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In my work, I am constantly striving for self-discovery. I am interested in exploring the intangible world of our unconscious, that is hidden from the eye. My work has a dreamlike, mystical but also natural quality. I seek the unknown parts of the self that influences all elements of life in an ambiguous way. The experience of birth, the mother-child relationship, gender roles, security, connectedness and loneliness are typical themes of my paintings.

Attila Kertész's area of ​​interest revolves around the unconscious, the exploration of the psyche, and the boundary between the familiar and the unknown, in relation to birth and death. At the same time, he is concerned with the inseparable simultaneity of the vulnerability and security, togetherness and loneliness, happiness and uncertainty of human existence between the beginning and end. He is interested in the continuous change and interaction of these positive and negative emotions, experiences, and perceptions of life, as well as the discovery of the resolution within ourselves through experiencing these emotions as a unified whole.

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