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Being a child of the digital age I endorsed the new wave of creating images. I was fascinated how fast you can see the result and the million ways to manipulate pictures. I worked mostly with digital techniques in the first period of my career. As a variety of cameras, hardwares and softwares developed it became easily accessible for everyone. Nowadays even mobile phones take better resolution photos than the first megapixel cameras, but resolution does not equal to quality. Mainly everyone with a camera is a proclaimed photographer.

As photography became mainstream and social media provides a platform for anybody to show their „talent“, I feel like I am forced to watch too many visual trash which is painful for my eyes and aesthetic sense. I got tired about faking reality by retouching every little mistake to create the „perfect“ look. I realised that accidents and defaults can make something magnificent and uniquely true. That’s why I decided to take a few steps back and rethink my relation to photography. I shoot on analog whenever I can to be more present and so that I only take a picture when I really feel like I need to capture that moment. I started to enjoy being more focused and concentrated on what I am into. I don’t expose my camera on every worthless theme but I wait for it to become worthy to be eternized.

That is how I pay my respect to my passion: photography

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