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Senteski's mirror objects are both about the world we see in them and the way we can see it. The exhibition entitled Duality reflects on opposite pairs of concepts: it talks about the technological present and the actualization of craft techniques, or the simultaneity of industrial design and personal, direct object creation. But the duality, with the shaping of the picturesque surfaces and the direction of the design, also describes the appearance of the categories of natural and artificial in his works of art.


Reflection, the mirror image, is a basic way of getting to know the world and ourselves. Today we see ourselves not only in the form of a reflected image, but on many surfaces; from the camera perspective of others on social media. Nevertheless, this image that conveys our figure, our person, is at least as illusory as the fragments that appear in Senteskii's mirrors, or as we can see our environment in them, are suggestive.


This is the essence of the pieces in the series, the poetic possibility of reinterpreting reality. At the same time, they reduce what we can see, and at the same time, with their flowing forms and transitional surfaces, they add something that seems to be lost among the multitude of usual vision and camera viewpoints, poetry. The eroded color reminiscent of the past, the surfaces that play between reflective and translucent speak at the same time of a cultural heritage and project a dystopian future. However, the sense of melancholy is overridden by the precise, clean form and respect for design - this is the true value of Senteski's creations, which are both works of art and utility.

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