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Dávid Ariel Szauder

Dávid Szauder has been living in Berlin for 15 years, where he works as an artist, curator, and art advisor. At the same time, he is a prominent figure and shaper of the Hungarian art scene: for example, he is the digital advisor for Veszprém-Balaton European Capital of Culture. He initially studied art history, then his path led him to an international career through the intermedia program and Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, with many prestigious international exhibitions behind him; his work is regularly discussed in international literature. In October 2022, his illustration appeared in a special issue of The Washington Post, which was selected by the English professional journal Creative Review as one of the ten best covers published in 2022. Currently, he is preparing for Hungary's first AI-based solo exhibition as an artist.


An exhibition of new prints by Dávid Szauder produced using Ai, is on view at Gallery East of Eden, 67. Paulay Ede utca, H-1067 Budapest. This is the artist's first exhibition with the gallery.

ART of HIDING | Those who hide and those who don't...


Surely everyone has experienced the feeling of wanting to disappear in a crowd, on a bus, at a soccer match, in a problematic situation, in the midst of a conflict. Not to become invisible, but to put on a secure-protective layer that perfectly hides what's inside, yet allows for easy visibility. This way, the possibility of observation and presence remains, but we can be sure that no atrocity can reach us inside, in a relatively soft and protective shell. I have created such disguises, garments, armors, and shells by exploring the 'fashion' of other ominous eras. All of this combined with current patterns, and created the end result through an infinitely intelligent neuron simulation.

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