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I have always been drawn to the genre of large-scale installations, and as someone who studied painting, I have experimented with such works. For over 15 years now, I have been using the technique of collages, which for me involves mixing and extending existing image materials in space.


My goal is to create a new realistic world. It is important to me to create descriptive works that allow viewers to read the story through meticulous details while looking at them. I obtain my paper-based image material from magazines that are intended for disposal, making use of them in a genre called "Trash", but using them in a recycling context. After investigating the spatial dimension of the flat paper, I reached the point of abandoning the carrier. This changed the way I present my works, which I now create as a kind of live act in the given location. Most often, by incorporating local elements, my works become site-specific installations.

I like to alternate between two main themes - one is a futuristic vision, featuring floating cities and the motif of a new Babylonian tower as its central element. The other is a narrative about the world of electronic music, told through parties and chill-out events.

I always think of my works as entertaining, but at the same time, I want to awaken a thought-provoking perspective in the viewer, partly based on the subject matter and my recycling technique/method.

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