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An experienced contemporary surface pattern and graphic designer, design professional from Budapest, Hungary.

Pattern design, especially creating visually harmonious art for spaces is a unique, very exciting part of design, it feels dynamic, playful and amazingly inspiring.

Repetition and rhythm are almost obsessively important elements in my life.
Even as a child, I was extremely attracted to repetitive patterns. I could watch for hours cracks, stripes, waves, spirals and circles on both natural and artificial structures and surfaces.

Patterns give me a sense of security and satisfaction - a kind of subconscious tension release - both visually and emotionally. They are hard core meditation. Being an observer, an attentive audience, patterns are a great help to organize, structurize information.

My design style, my design choices are influenced as well: geometry above all. Geometry allows for dynamic compositions, overall visual sophistication by playing with the complexity of the motives while creating a special balance of elegant, structured look with a timeless yet contemporary feel.

In a fairly predictable way my love for patterns reflects on the role music plays in my life: Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Brian Eno, Nils Frahm, KMRU… all times.

details_exhibiton_branding__Artboard 02.jpg
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